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How to Use Facebook Ads

How to Use Facebook Ads Insperience It

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This week we covered How to Use Facebook Ads. We discussed that although Facebook has made changes to it's algorithm, there's ways to combat the dip in your reach with encouraging engagement. If you're not encouraging engagement, it's hard to get your page in front of new audiences. That being said, Facebook is a "pay to play" kinda deal.

Facebook works diligently to service it's users and to show them things that they want to see. They also work diligently to service it's advertisers. Although people were complaining that they lost reach over night with Facebooks algorithmic changes, it's probably for the better of your business. Who was really seeing you content anyway? Were they relevant? Probably not.

So in order to ensure that you're reaching a relevant audience, you've got to pay. This will help you break through that algorithm and reach those new, desired audience members.

Here's three ways to use Facebook ads.



You can boost a post or promote your page in a few ways. Check out this screen shot to see some ways to promote your page.

You can boost your page by simply clicking "boost post" for posts that are performing well.


Interest Based Targeting:

You can also target new used based on Facebook's collected information on their interest and behaviors. Check out this screen shot to see some ways to target audiences.

Within these options, you can choose your own audience. Facebook has loads of suggestions you can browse and select to target.


Warm Audience Targeting:

A warm audience is one that has familiarity of you and your business. There's two ways to do warm audience targeting.

1. Uploading a CSV file: If you have purchased a list of prospects, or have collected email lists, you can upload a CSV file and select that as your target audience to service ads to. Warning: of the list of prospects that you purchased, or of emails that you have, you may not have a 100% match to Facebook. This is because not every's Facebook email address is their professional or primary email.

2. Pixel: Facebook offers you the option to install a pixel on your website. The pixel is a piece of HTML coding that is inserted into the <head> of your website. Or for certain Wordpress, Wix, or SquareSpace users, you can input a piece of the code, your ID, where they require. This pixel tracks users that have visited your website. You can then target these tracked users to service them with an ad.


Insperience It's suggestion:

We suggest using warm target audience targeting. You'll get a better spend out of your advertising dollars using warm audience targeting with Facebook's pixel and/ or CSV uploads. This is because the audience is already familiar with you. Research suggests that it takes someone 7x to see something before they take an action. If the audience is familiar with you, chances are that they will take an action and the trust is starting to be built.

If you have any questions about your Facebook ads, feel free to reach out to us on social media or email me:

Happy advertising!

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