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The Twist: For Your Social Brand

Twist by Julie Cottineau

We Snapped all about Twist by Julie Cottineau. Julie is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, a brand consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and corporations build stronger, more profitable brands.Julie was the VP of Brand at Richard Branson’s Virgin Group overseeing branding strategy for new and established Virgin companies in North America.

She's pretty awesome. Oh and she's the author behind, Twist. Julie explains that your brand needs to do the "twist." ... If you caught us on Snapchat, you'd see Founder Laura Cheek dancing to the Twist by Chubby Checker.

To Julie, the twist is when you take something from a brand that inspires you, something that was successful in their out reach to you as a consumer, and twist it into your brand. Into what you offer or what you do.

Through out her book Julie provides all sorts of examples from her students that have twisted in her Brand Twist School. I highly suggest you read the book.

So we decided to give our "twist" on the book. Twisting with social media of course.

(Twist by Julie Cottineau)


3 Ways Twist Your Brand on Social Media


1. Twist Your Social Media Purpose:

Why are you on social media? Is it because you want to post food pictures for your restaurant? Or flat lays of your boutique? That's cool. BUT that's what everyone else is doing!

Think out of the box! Have you ever had an amazing experience with a brand that has brought you back again and again? Use that wow! customer service moment and twist it with your social media strategy.

Restaurant example: Use social media as a CRM. Answer any questions from customers - stay active! Thank your customer's directly if and when they check in.

Boutique example: Use social media as a portfolio of your customers. Especially your most frequent shoppers. Thank them by knowing their name! Feature them strutting their stuff from your fitting room in their new purchase.

2. Twist Your Social Media Target:

Are you running ads on Facebook? Or Instagram? Are you targeting the SAME exact people over and over again? Maybe you're having success. BUT if you twist who you're targeting; it may surprise you.

This twist is a direct twist in WHO and HOW you're targeting. Not the interest you're targeting. Not the location. Not the amount of money you are spending on ads.

Target other people who are trying to reach the same type of customer as you. Reach out online or on social media and make connections with local business owners who target the same customers as you, If and when you two join forces you can double your reach without even spending a dime on ads!

3. Twist Your Social Media Posts:

What are you posting on social media? Is it the same stuff? Is it predicable?

If you're posting the same stuff, week after week, month after month, what's the point of following your account on social media? It's the same ol' thing! Nothing new!

Twist what you post by incorporating different types of posts. Some long, some short. Some pics, some videos. (BTW video is performing really well right now as it is favored by algorithms) Some boomerang clips, some content from your customers. A contest, a giveaway. The possibilities are endless!


Happy twisting!

Are you unsure of how you can twist your social media?

Maybe you can't think of a way to twist your purpose. Or maybe you can't think of someone to join forces with. OR MAYBE... you think you're posting great stuff but really, your engagement and growth is stagnant.

Let's chat! Insperience It will get you twisting like a pro, like Julie herself! Email us to see how we can twist and shake things up for you on social.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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