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3 Tips to Revamp Your Social Media

so, you began your entrepreneurial journey, started a business, got your ducks in a row, contracted some web guy to throw together a site for online visibility, and you've opened your doors for business. being a small business, chances are you've heard of social media... and how it can help your business. so you jumped in and set yourself up on Facebook, for sure, Instagram, and maybe even Twitter. you've got a bit of a following. It was exciting at first and you were posting a bunch.

flash forward some time, and here you are. barely posting, never engaging, stagnant following, and watching your customers wave goodbye in person and unfollow you virtually.

sound familiar? where did you go wrong?

i'll tell you: you didn't go in with a strategy!

but it's not your fault.

you were under the impression that social media was simply this fun thing, a new, millennial thing. As were most. but as time went on, and these social platforms started adding more features, and demographic users, you weren't reaping any benefit because you weren't staying abreast and revising your strategy. the strategy that you didn't even know you needed! & now your competition is soaring and your left feeling behind because social media is so "advanced" now and your getting crushed, quiet literally.

so, let's change that.

to help you, we've complied a list of 3 Social Media Tips that will help you revamp your social media presence and act as a start to a fresh social media strategy. we've also included a free checklist download!

tip #1: edit your profiles

first and foremost, you HAVE TO go back and revise your social media platform profiles. your social media profiles must reflect your business. your demographic, filters, and targets must reflect your audience for ads. your posts, photos, pages you've liked, and people you've followed must all have relevance to your company.

this could be a bit overwhelming. but follow the steps or click to download a checklist to track your progress:

soon enough your profiles will be precise, accurate, and have clarity.

1. start with your page, bio and general information. is there anything that has to be updated, changed, or edited? is your page verified?

  • your company page name or @ handles

  • hours

  • address

  • telephone number

  • company logo

  • profile pictures

  • website address

  • email address

  • edit page administrators

2. revise your targeting

  • review previous ads

  • compare best performing ads to poor performers

  • expand or narrow target audience filters based on findings for filters, geographic, and demographic of best performing ads

  • increase or decrease budget spending

  • incorporate # hashtags or visually imagery from best performing ads

  • boost creative content to engage your new, revised audience

3. follow, unfollow

  • unfollow pages, friends, companies that are of negative sentiment to your business

  • leave groups that are not relevant to you or your business

  • unsubscribe from channels or Twitter lists that do not directly relate to bettering your business, teach you something useful for your business, or keep you informed from industry leaders

  • delete photos of poor quality and photos with no relevancy to your business or partners

  • edit or delete posts, statuses, delete tweets that do not carry your brand or of negative sentiment

  • follow and like business, pages, companies in your space

  • make lists, join Groups, and subscribe to channels that are relevant to your business.

tip #2: use social media as a means of customer relationship management

social media platforms are way more than a place to post your promotions, recent happenings, and pictures. leverage your social platforms by adding another use for them. why pay the high price for a CRM tool when social media platforms are free? with 1.65 billion monthly users on Facebook and 200 million active users on Twitter, there's a high possibility that your customers are on these platforms.

how? easy.

1. asssure your customers are on social media and more importantly, your platforms, by incentivizing them to like and follow your business's pages. Incentives could be a free slice of pizza, 20% off a service (seems steep? read our blog post on The Not So High Price of Incentives), free hair cut, 5 minute massage. make it something worth their while.

2. engage with them. if your still in business, chances are your doing something right. right? say hello to your customers virtually. post content that THEY are interested in, content that is trending in your industry. when posting, don't forget to incorporate a question every now and again to boost engagement. follow up and converse when they respond.

3. do NOT ignore customer inquiries, comments, questions and complaints. just don't. Zendesk including this finding from an Edison Research report: 42% of customers who inquire on social media expect a response within 60 minutes. for Twitter, more than 50% expect a response within 2 hours. high bar to hit? no. just turn your notifications ON.

tip #3: post visual content

the social world is growing, fast. feeds are slammed with stuff, with content! people have big appetites for good stuff, yet they have strong resistances to the hard selling and cold shoulders to traditional advertising tactics. visual content will assure that your viewers will stop and smell the roses, rather, stop and click the content.

1. create attractive images with free tools like Canva, Infoactive, Quotescover, Jing, Skitch, MemeCenter, Imgflip.

2. ALWAYS think of your brand while creating images and include your brand's logo or image icon in each piece of content you create.

3. remember to keep your content relevant. make content that coincides with a happening in your industry. make it personal for your audience. be creative, and have fun!

don't forget to download your free checklist! click here

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