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Facebook Lives

Join us LIVE on Facebook for deep social convos, freebies, experts, and virtual fun!

Sophie Newman                                                  Laura Cheek

The social media strategist behind it:

Hey Laura and Sophie here! We are two social media strategist who want to help you level up your social media. We’re doing a 3 week live training series where we will share our social media savvy. Do you want to connect with your audience on a deeper level and be, social?

This is for online entrepreneurs. (Graphic designers, email marketers, creatives, virtual assistants, copywriters, online retailers, web designers, photographers, videographers) 

Sounds like you? GOOD. We've got lots for you!

Do you find yourself scrolling through your feeds, wondering how others could have such an incredible social media presence and you’re a tad bit jealous? It’s okay, we’ve been there.  


Or do you wonder if you have enough hours in your week to even run your own social media?


Or are you so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to begin?


We’ve worked with dozens of business owners who have felt the same way. This training will give you the step by step process that we have implemented for our clients that got them out of the social scroll trance and on track to have a super savvy social media presence.

Who is this series for?

Sound familiar...

We hear you!

Join us for this 3 week live training series

And learn exactly what you should be doing on social media and... drum roll, how!

In this training we will cover:

  • Facebook and Instagram

  • Exactly what your social media platforms should have

  • What you should be doing on social media on a weekly basis

  • And how to fit it all into your schedule and make it werkkk for your business

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over $1,000 worth of giveaways!

All of our live training reminders and freebie worksheets will be sent out via email just before the live training session so that you can follow along. Winners will be announced during the live training series and will be emailed after as well.

Sign up now so you don't miss out!

Each week we will be dishing out a giveaway

  • For week 1 we are giving away a Social Media Audit from Laura (valued at $250)

    • Let’s give your social media a health check. We will analyze your accounts, optimize your platforms, and identify opportunities for your business to connect with your audience

  • For week 2 we are giving away a Content Marketing Brainstorm Session with Sophie (valued $275)

    • In this session you will brainstorm what types of content would best showcase your brand, resonate with your audience, and grow your following

  • Our biggest giveaway will be a during week 3 and is a 3 Month Social Media Marketing Strategy (valued at $500)

    • You will get a 3 month social media marketing strategy that will include feedback on your social media platforms, social media goal tracker, a 3 month content calendar, and a 3 month social media strategy with S.M.A.R.T. goals

You will have access to Laura and Sophie in the Social for Services Facebook group hosted by Laura, as well as helpful, actionable worksheets that you can implement to improve your business right away! 

In addition to the awesome giveaways,

Live training sessions:

Day 1:

March 1 | 12pm EST

Day 2:

March 7 | 2pm EST

Day 3:

March 14 | 11am EST

we will cover exactly what your social media platforms should and should not have. We will give suggestions to optimize your bio, how to organize your platforms, and what best practices are


we will cover what you should be doing on social media. We will cover trends and how to incorporate those trends  


get ready for a jammed pack day! Exactly how and when to post, exactly how to incorporate the latest social media trends on a weekly basis, how to tailor your posts per platform, and how to be consistent in your social media

See you there!


We have answers! Email Laura at:

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