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Facebook Group

Are you just getting started on social media? Or are you looking to grow? Join our free Facebook group and connect with a community of services providers.

Click to join:

Facebook Group Rules:

As a member of this group, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don't agree to these terms and conditions, you can remove yourself from the group.



  • Strategies, tips, campaign performance, content ideas, ads, posting, scheduling, marketing, resources, etc.

  • Questions related to social media, strategy, campaign, ads, posting, scheduling, marketing, sales, content, performances, etc.

  • Shoutouts, tags, pictures, videos, and links of others

  • Inspiration

  • Be sure that posts are relative



  1. No promotions. What is a promotion? Selling anything, not necessarily for money. This includes: products, services, course, program, promoting a webinar or live event, pictures or videos with branded content with the intent of gaining likes/ follows, tags or direct links to your pages, profiles, social media, URLS, business related hashtags, blog links, your Facebook page, your Facebook group, your business pages, masterminds, affiliate links, etc. Keeps promotions to the dedicated threads. Please note, you CAN post and share a picture, video, blog post, link, or resource were necessary and if helpful. (Example: If someone posts: “What do you think are the biggest struggles for small business owners on social media. I’m a small business owner and I just want to make sure my challenges aren’t unique to me or something I’m doing wrong?” You can comment: “I think it’s 1., 2., and 3. I actually have a blog post that explains my reasoning: http:// YOUR BLOG POST.)

  2. No spamming. Do not message other members in the group if they didn't address you in the group first. No spamming each other in personal Facebook messages. If you are reported for doing this, you will removed and deleted from the group.

  3. Respect. Don’t be rude. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t comment! I encourage constructive feedback but please, just be respectful and think before you comment. This is a fun group filled with people wanting to help and connect with one another.

  4. Provide. Give feedback, assistance, resources.

  5. No creating or uploading documents to the group. Any documents/files not created or uploaded by me or an admin will be deleted. You can add your stuff to the appropriate and existing files that I have created.

  6. Sharing. NO sharing or copy and share any content, posts, questions, etc. from this group to another group, in an email, in a personal post, etc. Again, this is a safe place for people. Things could be personal on here, let’s do our best to show support, love, assistance!

  7. Live streaming. No live streaming inside of the group. You will be deleted and removed from the group.

  8. Introductions. Make your introduction on the designated pinned post.

  9. Weekly threads. There will be weekly threads, posts, and prompts to promote and with members of the group designed to enhance your social media experiences. Threads may change.

  10. Removal. Myself (Laura Cheek) and any admins reserve the right to remove you from the group as seem reasonable and just.

  11. Notice: Anyone can join this group. Myself (Laura Cheek of Insperience It Corp.) and admins are not responsible for any stolen ideas, fraud from the release of confidential information in campaigns, profiles, etc., loss of revenue, damages, breach of contract, or any other unfavorable circumstance as a result from relationships, personal or business, from this group.



Sunday: Social Sunday - An social media industry topic or question will be presented to discuss

Monday: Social Sunday topic overview - Live video from Laura or write up on how it can apply to your business from Laura Cheek

Monday: Monday Mates - PROMO THREAD - Share your social media handles for likes and followers

Tuesday: The Tuesday Times - PROMO THREAD - All news from within the group. Share what’s going on in your business and how it can help someone here.

Wednesday: Winning Wednesdays - Share your latest social media win

Friday: Friday Fix - What are you doing to prepare for the week ahead? What are you scheduling, planning, or checking on?

Happy connecting! You’re#init! I value and love each of you so, so much!


Laura Cheek
Copyright (c) 2017 Insperience It Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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