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Over the last 20 plus years I have been involved with the creation and management of a number of start ups and successful businesses, and helped many doctors and other healthcare providers improve their practices.

My first exposure to what now has become my obsession of building businesses was with Banc One (now JP Morgan Chase).   I was one of the three original founders of Banc One Leasing, a bank owned equipment leasing and finance business.   At the time there were 27 separate banks with no consistent credit process.  The individual banks were each focused on the markets, and needs of their customers.  These included various manufacturing, retail businesses and medical practices of their customers. I first had to learn and understand the various needs of these different customer groups, and develop the appropriate game plan to allow each of these individual equipment leasing and finance businesses to become successful.

As part of this process I became very knowable in understanding the various aspects of different types businesses and medical providers. Both as a "start-up" and as an existing business or practice, and as a result, I was able to teach several"Practice Management Courses" at Ohio State University, and the University of KY. 


Later, I was recruited by Citicorp where I became a member of their Strategic Planning Group and the Senior Business Executive responsible for "Specialize Industries"  In this role I developed the business plan and implemented the various strategies necessary to support Citicorp's entry into a number of specialize lending focuses, both in the business and medial practice areas.  Each of these specialized focuses were viewed and managed as a separate business, and required me to address the issues and opportunities of each focus.  This experience and knowledge allowed me to become the President & CEO of United Jersey Bank's Equipment Leasing & Finance Company, and later recruited by Mitsubishi to become the Chief Operating Officer of one of their US Companies.  


I was than recruited by a privately held company, as the Managing Director where I was responsible for the day to day operation.  We successful raised $50 million dollars of Private Equity and at over $750 million of secured and non-secured debt.  We grew to one of the top one hundred companies in our industry.  


After leaving that company I formed Pinnacle Executive Services, LLC, which is the parent company of Mandell Associates, and provides consulting services in the area of Renewal Energy projects, and to larger national and international companies. Although I enjoy this work I also realized that my real passion was working with Entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, and various medical providers as a result I created Mandell Associates to allow me to better serve my passion.and focus on Entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, and medical providers.

About Mandell Associates


Completed website and blog development

Setup social media platforms

Social Branding Workshop

The Task


Social Branding Workshop, Social Media Audit and Setup, Email Marketing Setup, Website Development, Blog Setup, Blog Content Copy



Arthur Mandell of Mandell Associates completed our branding workshop. From there, we set out to design a brand new website. We completely transformed his online presence with a purposeful website as opposed to the old, static site. Once the website was complete, we designed and setup his blog. The blog's purpose is a means of lead generation. Each blog copy has a downloadable template, guide, or freebie. These can be downloaded once a user provided their email address. 

The Solution
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